It's like tinder except you actually have a chance ✅

Are you the right person for me ?

Where are you normal guys ?

I don’t reply to my messages on Instagram, I always get the same messages on Tinder and I flunk the stupids guys at parties. The reason is simple…

I don’t have a feeling with these boys. The same ones that ignored me in middle school. I grew up during my teenage years with shy, geeks . I couldn’t find a boy who fulfilled me or understood me. So I decided to embark on this crazy experiment.

That's why I have decided to give everyone who visit this website an opportunity to get acquainted with me.

You just have to fill the questionnaire below. I will read all the answers and make a selection of potential matches.

If we match I will keep you posted of the next step...

One answer per question, Breathe and Don't panick ❤️

It's time for the test !

Are you in couple ?

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